Barrie won’t yield on his abortoholism…

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Barrie Soetoro tells us “njet” to ending his addiction to abortoholism, it was reported over the weekend.

The pretender in chief is willing to flashdance and prevaricate on most subjects except this one. His abortion base is undeniable and it is one faction of the left wing of his party that is almost never disappointed.

Why, just last week, he creeped out most normal people by saying it was OK for his daughters to abort his future grandchildren. ESH that borders on child abuse.

Honest injun!

Barrie always delivers for Klan Parenthood, the largest domestic terrorist organization and serial killer of preborn babies. They bragged they surgically killed over 340,000 kids in 2010, and hundreds of thousands more with chemical/mechanical  abortifacients like Plan B, ella, Implanon, etc. He’s broken his promises on most everything else when it comes to misgoverning the US the past 4 years, but not when it comes to delivering for PP and his abortion base.

That’s one promise he always keeps.



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