Dingy Harry, Magnum Farce…

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Dingy Harry is at it again. Rather, still.

Making mendacious accusation against GOP to be candidate Mitt Romney. Consider it part of the deflection and misdirection campaign, as a surrogate for Barrie Soetoro. It’s looking more and more like Mormon on Mormon street fighting.

Understandable, since the latter has such a piss poor record for 4 years of ungovernance and wreakage of the economy and culture of the US.

Put up or shut up, said Mitt. How about it Harry? Show us your returns and how the Vegas mob has you for its rumpswab, like that red neck senator in Godfather II.

How about this for a whisper campaign, seen online today at sodahead.com, my source:

The “word on the street” is that Harry Reid is a pedophile! Shouldn’t he come forward and prove that he isn’t???

Kind of sucks, eh, Dingy? Go ahead, make my day!



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