Sandy, tell us it ain’t so?

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Well known Georgetown Law School alleged slut, Sandra Fluke, will be introducing Barrie Soetoro at his stop in Denver today, it has been reported.

As if the O’Bama campaign doesn’t have enough woes–with a trashed economy, high unemployment (double digit when using the more accurate U-6 number), and outright lies and distortions over an ad accusing Mitt Romney of causing some poor lady’s cancer years AFTER he left Bain Capital–it has chosen to foist the poster child plain Jane who just cannot buy enough abortifacient pills with $3000 annually.

Desperate times yield desperate measures by the soon-to-be one term president, whose US citizenship continues to be in question, although not by a disinterested drive by state run media. With Barrie running a true dead heat race in Ohio, and Virginia, Wisconsin and Colorado slipping away, Axelrod and company are throwing every lie they have at Romney.

Let’s see if the electorate, sickened by the political season and its ads, turns out in enough numbers to turn out the Kenyan kommie.


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