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Bishop Tod Brown, of the diocese of Orange, CA, opened the convention for the Knights of Columbus by calling for the Knights to be part of the conciliar “new evangelization”.

What that entails is as murky as the creeping modernism found within a once proud and solidly Catholic organization. The Knights were founded in New Haven, CT by a parish priest, Fr McGivney, in the late 1800s to be a defense among the laity for the Catholic Church. On the practical level, they were to be a bulwark against Catholic men joining the mortal enemies of the Catholic Church, the freemasons and their mumbo jumbo secret society nonsense.

The lodge has a long history of fiction and fantasy, but also one of being in direct combat with the influence and doctrine of the One True Church founded by Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. Numerous popes through the centuries since at least 1734 have repeatedly condemned the freemasons and their perfidity, often being called the “synagogue of satan” by Blessed Pope Pius IX, Leo XIII and others. and ESH has documented that also recently.

We know the Knights have betrayed the preborn before as ESH has documented. Their pro-life message clearly ignores [despite being educated on the matter] IVF, ART, embryo experimentation etc, to the detriment of millions if not billions of preborns, embryos human and all, who are destroyed daily on the altar of the profane calling themselves “science”, but who are as remote from science as the masons are from heaven.

Further, they have at various times and places locked arms with the masons whether in parades or in civil and secular “good works”. One cannot dance with the devil without evenutally paying the price. We know he who builds his house without Christ, builds it in vain.

So, it is with good reason that Concerns Roman Catholics of America (CRCOA) are picketing and protesting outside the K of C convention in Anaheim today and tomorrow. Their chief objection is that the Knights refuse to remove apostate and heretical “catholic” politicians who are overtly promoting and voting for abortion, contraception, homosexual same sex “marriage” and other forms of perfidity.

ESH encourages you to do the same and pray for the conversion of the hardened hearts of Carl Anderson, the head Knight, and those in the organization who are going along with this grave and prolonged scandal, just to get along.


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