Gals at NAG applaud Christie veto…

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Wow! Don’t that beat it all? The gals at NAG (National Assn of Girls a/k/a NOW) have gone on record and are actually applauding NJ governor Chris Christie for vetoing a bill that would have eased up restrictions on surrogate creation of new children. Usually the NAGs have been full bore leading the charge for legalized child murder a la abortion or abortifacient drugs mislabeled as “contraceptives”.

According to the governor’s statement explaining the veto obtained by The [NJ] Star-Ledger, “Permitting adults to contract with others regarding a child in such a manner unquestionably raises serious and significant issues.”

“In contrast to traditional surrogacy, a gestational surrogate birth does not use the egg of the carrier,” the governor wrote. “In this scenario, the gestational carrier lacks any genetic connection to the baby, and in some cases, it is feasible that neither parent is genetically related to the child. Instead, children born to gestational surrogates are linked to their parents by contract.”

“While some all applaud the freedom to explore these new, and sometimes necessary, arranged births, others will note the profound change in the traditional beginnings of the family that this bill will enact. I am not satisfied that these questions have been sufficiently studied by the Legislature at this time,” according to the statement.

The bill (S1599) would have eliminated the measly three-day waiting period for parents of children born to surrogates to be listed on their birth certificates. It also would have required the so-called “gestational carrier” [ESH comment: sounds like a disrespectful diss] to surrender custody of the child immediately upon the child’s birth.

Proving once again, that liberalism is a mental disease and the pandora’s box of psychological and physical trauma engendered by violating the Natural and Divine Law in the matters of reproduction yield nothing but chaos, confusion, cost and heartache for many parties, the least of which are the created children.


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