Better dead if not Red: Viet commies persecute Catholics again…

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The Chi-coms are pretty bad at how they treat genuine Catholics but the Vietnamese commies, with just as many decades of practice, are every bit as good as their neighbors to the north in persecuting the Catholic Church and its faithful.

What westerners increasingly can appreciate–with more secularization and persecution of Christians in a post-Christian West–the Vietnamese are up to their usual tricks and are going around the countryside, physically and violently making sure Catholics cannot have Holy Masses celebrated.

Statue de la Vierge brisée à Con Cuông le 1er juillet 2012.

Here we see a statue of the Blessed Mother Mary destroyed by commie agents on 1 July in the town of Con Cuong. Catholics understand persecution: the various communist totalitarian states murdered a minimum 200 million people in the last century, many of them Christians.

And slutty Sandra Fluke thinks she has it bad when taxpayers don’t or won’t fund her fornication.


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