The best pick Romney could make for VP, he did…

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Mitt Romney made the best pick of known available candidates, according to the ESH. Ryan’s acumen in economics and financial matters had led him to be the main point man for the House annual federal budget proposal the past two years.

During a terse debate with a presidential gathering last year on economic matters, Ryan so intimidated O’Bama, the latter would not even address or debate with Ryan.

Ryan, 42,  is erudite, well spoken, charismatic and has in depth knowledge of many conservative issues. He is a thoughtful, pro-life, religious Catholic with a growing family  of one daughter and two sons. And he hails from a known and needed swing state, Wisconsin, which recently overwhelming retained Gov Walker in a bitterly failed attempt at recall by the unions, the left and Dems pouring in millions from all over the country.

Ryan has no compunction and a truckload of cahones to take on the pretender in chief many times as the items below make manifest.

Good choice, Mitt!

VIDEO: Paul Ryan took apart Obama and Obamacare -- in 6 minutes!

Obama and Ryan’s history of tangling…


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