MO voters pass “right to pray” by 5 to 1 margin…

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Missouri voters last Tuesday Aug 7 overwhelmingly approved a “Right to Pray” amendment to the state’s constitution, which will almost surely be challenged in federal court by the usual anti-religion, anti-Christian suspects.

Amendment 2, approved by a vote of roughly 5 to 1, includes a provision that guarantees students the right to take part in prayer in public schools on a voluntary basis.

Funny how little ink was spilled nationally by the drive by state run media over such an overwhelming victory for common sense.  With a lack of faith and morals, has public education really gotten better the last 50 years? Are we and children as a society better off now?

Are we having less shootings at school, movie theatres, malls and elsewhere? Disrespect for adults and authority in general? Out of wedlock pregnancy? Divorce? Single parent homes?  Legal baby murder also known as “abortion” or “choice”? Premarital sex and all the psychological, physical and spiritual damage it does to the young? STDs? Crime?

Sexual abuse of the young by older pederastic homosexuals like Jerry Sandusky? Cruel violence to women, the young and animals?

Just sayin’, Tone!


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