Sandusky case has ‘gays’ unusually silent…

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Normally they whine, moan and blabber endlessly. Not on this one. With the Jerry Sandusky case, it was patently loud by the absolute silence of the homosexual crowd to defend the pederast homosexual Sandusky. And his nefarious sexual abuse and assault on at least 10 young boys. All boys. No girls.


This would upset the political agenda of the sodomites who want easy access to young men, who may be confused psychologically as they mature, so as to have a steady crop of new adherents and toys. Constant recruitment is the hallmark of these perverts who choose this sewer lifestyle.

Hence the in-your-face propaganda campaigns on TV, cable, radio, movies, courtrooms, legislative halls, etc.

God only knows, they’re not reproducing when they’re this confused over how the plumbing works properly. Tab A goes into Slot B, and not some other schematic.



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