Drive by media, GOP missing point with Akin…

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The furor over the “legitimate rape” comments of  Todd Akin, GOP candidate for US Senate in MO, shows the drive by media can certainly pour it on when they smell blood and it is one of their pet issues (unlike a madman leftist pro-sodomite shooting a security guard at the pro-life/pro-family Family Research Council).

The drive by state run media and the GOP individuals who are piling on, they are all missing the point on the matter of killing preborns created from a crime like rape.

Tom Ritter said it well this morning:

“The very recent and unexpected remarks by Rep. Todd Akin on rape and abortion bring the issue of life to the front, where it belongs.

“Since all those reacting to Mr. Akin’s remarks show their willingness to engage in a discussion of life, they ought to be made to answer this simple question:

“Can a nation whose laws (or court rulings) allow the taking of innocent human life remain civilized?” (And the person answering may define the terms anyway he likes.)

“Notice the question does NOT allow any exceptions.

“Notice too the question does not mention abortion or the [pre]born; “innocent human life” could be Jews.

“Notice finally that this simple question is fundamental.”

ESH says just because a child is conceived from a violent crime, don’t perpetrate another by taking his/her innocent life. They did not commit the rape.



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