Romney-Ryan barnstorm central Ohio…

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The ESH got a early morning Saturday treat with the first stop of the tandem of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan today in Powell, OH.

GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney in Powell, OH

An estimate 5,000-6,000 attendees were heartily cheering for the GOP duo along with local US congressman Rep Pat Tiberi (R-12), Gov John Kasich, State Auditor Dave Yost, who is local from Delaware County, and State Treasurer Josh Mandel, of Lyndhurst, OH in suburban Cleveland, who is himself in a tight race to unseat multi-termer US Senator Sherrod Brown.

The GOP duo never broached the life issues but did repeat a theme heard often on the campaign trail railing against secular, instrusive government, reminding the crowd our rights “come from nature and God, not government.”  They focused chiefly on economic and freedom/liberty themes during their 30 minute stop over.

A small contingent of about 15-20 vociferous leftist protesters mostly got jabbed as being like a “Greek chorus” by Romney, and that “we don’t want to be like Greece”, referring to the economic woes of that country’s hard line pro-union leftist government.

GOP vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan in Powell, OH








GOP vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, in Powell, OH

A t one point, Ryan reminded the crowd of how O’Bama had told a SF group in 2008 that people in the Midwest cling to their guns and religion, and how he was a proud Catholic deer hunter.

Crowds started filtering into the middle class suburban community of around 6,000 located at the southern end of Delaware county, the fastest growing county in Ohio, and the one with the lowest unemployment rate around 6AM in the dark. Close to 2,000 had to be turned away due to a lack of space and safety reasons, one local official told the ESH.

Romney repeated his theme of a 5 point plan to get America back on track, several times giving overtures to women who are or want to be small business entrepreneurs. The second speaker was Tammy Longaberger, granddaughter of the founder of the famous basket maker located in Nashport, OH, about an hour away from today’s rally.



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