Hold the phone…libs love to joke about rape…

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Libs love to joke and tell the basest, meanest, hated-filled and intolerant slurs against conservatives, especially when it comes to the subject of rape. 


Just as atypical antipsychotic-free ranging Cher and the very vulgar Sarah Silverman for starters state in the link above.

Despite the hand wringing and wailing in public last week, truth is the left consistently makes fun of women and jokes about rape as if it is a cool thing to do. And ESH is not even going to analyze the subject of how dirt bag rap/hip hop artists churn out songs and collect tens of millions of $$$ for songs that degrade women and use elevated themes of the wonders of rape. [Where’s the class warfare on the rich and superrich of Hollywood when you need them?]

My, they can be so judgmental and narrow minded.

Note there was no revelations of how Klan Parenthood has covered up incest and rapes for decades and can do an even better job of it now with OTC availability of Plan B and ella.

Nor were there recriminations for all the alleged rapes of the brothers Kennedy, Jack with his interns and Ted with his swimming prowess and other notable Dems and lefties.

Oh, what a web we weave…


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