Sodomite fascists and the SPLC…

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Recently, one of their own admitted what all normal people have known for centuries: sodomites are some of the most hate-filled, bigoted and intolerant people, despite all the propaganda from Hollywood to the contrary. They proved it, by dominating the rolls of the Nazi Brown Shirts during World War II. In that capacity they were unmatched in the levels of depravity and sadistic violence they inflicted on many parts of Europe.

One notable error in this article: Jean LePen was right wing French politician, but not a fascist. Fascism, by definition,  blends the state and private enterprises to the degree that one cannot distinguish between them.

It is closer to communism and socialism than it is to the right wing. That’s why Mussolini & Hitler got along so well…both were fascists, Nazism was/is national socialism….


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