2016: the film you gotta see…

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ESH strongly recommends seeing the new Dinesh D’Souza film 2016: Obama’s America.

The film, based on D’Souza’s recent book, takes a dispassionate and analytical look at the life and times of the Kenya kommie and concludes: O’Bama’s war on the US and all it stands for including its success as the leader of the world, is based on his father’s and his negative views of the New World via a hatred steeped in anti-colonialism.

The film, which led box office sales its first weekend at the end of August, continued to play well this past weekend over the Labor Day holiday. It looks deep into the history of O’Bama and has a couple of factual surprises that even ESH wasn’t privvy to. D’Souza accepts O’Bama was born in Honolulu, possibly so the film could not be discredited with the usual “birther” epithet.

The film never addresses O’Bama’s Muslim upbringing in Indonesia as a youngster nor does it address his strong abortoholic hated for preborns and support for partial birth abortion and infanticide. But it does bring out his strong ties to various leftists and communists including Frank Davis and Bill Ayers.

Don’t wait too long: it is well worth seeing, says ESH.


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