Dear Diary: Past week was a disaster –Barrie

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It was a disastrous week for the pretender in chief, Barrie Soetoro.

An allegedly 52 year old single homosexual ambassador was placed in a newly “democratic” fundamentally Islamasized country, was tortured, raped, sodomized and killed. In fledgling Libya. Run pretty much by the Muslim Brotherhood and seething with Al Qeada.

The only candidate who showed presidential moxie was the challenger Romney. The incumbent, illegally seated as he may be, looked perplexed, ill prepared for an international crisis, and shunned a meeting with the leader of the object of radical Islam’s destructive force in the Mid-East, Netanyahu, in favor of some chum time with Letterman.

This is a moment for Romney to sieze, to show the nation who the adult in the room is. The Regime’s stumbler in chief showed how exposed he is without a teleprompter and the cheerleading thugs of the drive by state run media who swoon on his every croon.

Already it’s showing in the polls, with the latest Gallup: Romney 47%; O’Bama 46%.

Dear Diary: the past week was a disaster. Signed, Barrie.


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