O’Bama’s arranged marriage, the Down Low and Rev Wright…

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World Net Daily continues on in its O’Bama saga, the first article of which corroborated the Newsweek cover of the first known homosexual US president.

Obama once claimed that he met Moo-chelle in class at law school but they appear to have actually been introduced in Chicago in 1989 during O’Bama’s summer law internship. WND interviewees in Chicago are credited with the info that Jesse Jackson selected Moo-chelle as a “beard” match for Obama, and Jeremiah Wright “blessed”– not God-d****d–the combination.

The interviewees also maintain that O’Bama kept up his sodomite relationships after the marriage took place, with one–dubbed Hazel–telling her eyewitness story in Chicago going back to 1996.

Hillbuzz: Is Barack Obama “Gay”??

Out of the Closet: Obama is the first “gay” president


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