Agnostic ‘Humanist of the Year’ Turk gets nasty with Ryan…

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Agnostic “Humanist of the Year” Cenk Uygur, a drive by state run media commentator on current TV, stated that GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan, R-WI, loves aborted fetuses so much he looked like one “sitting next to Biden” in last night’s VP debates in Kentucky.


Last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it…

The 42 year old Turkish-born self-described “agnostic” claims he was formerly a “moderate Republican” but now is an avowed secularist and humanist. He received “Humanist of the Year” award from the extremist anti-Christian Freedom From Religion group, along with Gloria Steinem, 72 year old feminazi with queen-mum like arms sporting a “I had an abortion” T-shirt for the magazine shoot she did when she won the award.

Seems like old bigots and haters don’t die, they just spout off bile and hatred when they have no ratings compared to the objects of their vituperation.

Uygur runs an Internet radio talk show, claiming to be the highest ranking such individual in the US. Please don’t whisper that to Rush, Hannity and Michael Savage, Cenky!



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