NECCRx Part Deux…

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Looks like NECCRx was filling bulk orders for methylprednisolone acetate without actually requiring an Rx for a specific patient, contrary to MA law, it is being reported. Allegedly, 15 19 people have already died from the Aspergillus-tainted vials furnished by NECCRx.

Aspergillus in culture

Also, on Oct 9th, the State of OH Board of Pharmacy informed ESH that it summarily suspended the license of NECCRx to practice pharmacy in the State of OH. The board has authority to suspend a license without the usual formal hearing process when there is immediate proximate danger to life or limb.

Look for more breaking bad news for NECCRx which is about as popular as the O’Bama Regime is with the Intelligence community or the Ambassador corps right now…

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