Racist Calypso Louie threatens voters, chides O’Bama…

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Racist incedinary speaker, Calypso Louie Farrakhan chided O’Bama for not being “in the fight” against Mitt Romney this past Sunday. He also sent out veiled threats that people who vote for Romney want to “keep America white”. He encouraged O’Bama to “be a little black” implying to engage in violent street fighting when going up against Romney.

ESH should know, having grown up during the Hough riots in Cleveland and the violence spawned from pro-violence racist speakers like Calypso Louie, the 79 year old “Nation of Islam’s” stage name when he recorded songs in the 1950s and 60s.

Calypso Louie trotted out the usual worn-out catch phrases that such racists employ when trying to rev up his crowd in Charlotte last Sunday. His group was celebrating the 17th anniversary of his so-called “Million Man March” which only garnered about 1/10th of that in body count when it occurred in 1995 in Washington, DC.

It was a dud and a flop, as are pretty much most of Calypso Louie’s attempts to divide the races and inflame the basest instincts in his followers. Violence and tearing down are never good for a city or a nation. Farrakhan and his racist anti-Semitic organization offer no positives for American society.


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