R 1.5, O 0.5…

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Last night’s debate at Hofstra University appeared to be a draw to most observers, although one has to say Gov Romney had two opponents, maybe 2.5 when counting all of Candy Crowley.

The latter clearly cut off Romney repeatedly and in the end allowed O’Bama/Soetoro 9% more time or about 3 minutes.

The Kenyan kommie kiddie killer, true to form, again defend Klan Parenthood, the largest domestic terrorist organization in the US, claiming to kill, butcher and poison over 300,000 preborn babies annually. Actually that figure is closer to 2 million when we include all those babies murdered via the so-called “morning after” pill which is scientifically an abortifacient.

He also patently lied again that PP does mammograms when no such thing is true; PP does admit on its own that they refer out for the paltry amount of mammograms performed.

Soetoro also defended his HHS diktat that violates the 1st Amendment by forcing private religious institutions to violate their own religious tenets by paying, referring and mandating abortions, abortifacients, so-called “contraceptives” and sterilizations.

ESH Good news: Tens of thousands of loyal patriots will be protesting the HHS diktat this coming Saturday Oct 20 in most major cities at 12 noon local time. Click here for details and info for events in your area.


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