Disappointing: New Romney ad: ‘Abortion should be an option’…

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A new Romney-Ryan ad aimed at several swing states emphasizes the GOP teams’ support for the unnecessary “exceptions” on abortion: rape, incest, life of the mother.

We know from almost 40 years of statistics, these three exceptions where some people think it’s OK to kill preborn babies, occur a total of less than 2% of the time.


And in the cases of rape and incest, the FDA and other government agencies have given cover to the crime perps by legalized the abortifacient Plan B over the counter without a prescription to those >17 years of age. That includes the male perps who can buy the abortifacient, no questions asked, for their “friend”, or “girl”, or whatever the lie de jour is.

This is a wrongheaded strategy by the Romney-Ryan team, and is very disappointing to ESH and all those who hold the sanctity of life as inviolable. This gives cover to the Kenyan kiddie killer, Klan Parenthood and all the  gaggle of the population control/death leviathan.

Accepting your opponents immoral positions as a way to assuage extremists is never a winning strategy, in this world and certainly not in the next.


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