Perpetual student still begging…

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Perpetual student, 30 yr old Sandra Fluke, of slut fame, continues to have the hand out looking for hand outs for her high dose steroidal abortifacients.

Recall, poor raggedy Sandy [ESH thought Sandy was the dog not the waife] whined and moaned to the drive by media and the Dems in Congress she just can’t afford her high priced spread of $3K/year while attending over priced Georgetown law school. Can they give her some relief?


Maybe the Fluke Fraud should  try NECCRx, they have all kinds of steroids available right now after all the lots of them they recalled.  Tons and tons of steroids

Only thing these kinds of steroids are injectable…you don’t mind a little prick, Sandy, do ya? They’re also not efficient at killing preborn babies like the ones in the flowery, girly looking death packs you may be used to in the past. Hope that works for ya. Beggars can’t be choosers.



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