Fluke fumbles again…

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Slut Sandy Fluke just cannot stop digging when she’s already in a hole.

Now, preborn babies, such an inconvenience to the $3000/year highly potent steroid ingesting lawyer-to-be, stand in the way of women like Sandy. A ‘barrier’ to success according to the oracle of the abortoholic left.

“Equality,” Fluke said in an October 15 interview with the Cornell Daily Sun, means “the ability to control your reproduction so that that a career is a realistic goal and something that can be achieved and not derailed” by a baby.

Wonder if all those athletes who abused highly potent steroids–like Sandy favors–or those poor folks with spine issues who injected them from NECCRx, without knowing an Aspergillus fungus was on board, would give the same counsel?


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