No red tape!

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Thanks to the Kenyan kommie in charge (for the next 4 days) for making it clear: “no red tape” when it comes to fixing up NYC and the East Cost status post Sandy.


(Source: Derrick Moore)Leave it to the die hard leftist unions to make sure the Liar in Chief’s code words are followed. The unions wasted no time in gumming up the works. Some good ol’ boys from the right-to-work state of AL showed up ready to help all those folks crying to the Annointed One for food, gas, money, dry clothes and a home that’s not water logged or drifting away on the bay.

The unions made it clear: if you’re non-union, we don’t welcome you, you’re not wanted, go home, no matter how much babies, women and the elderly are suffering from the residual effects of Sandy.

Such caring, sensitivity, such tolerance and lack of petty smallness!


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