Feliz Navidad! Amnesty proposal goes large, will be ignored by left…

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Count on it! The Dems and the left will ignore the most magnanimous amnesty proposal for illegal aliens [aka mostly Hispanics from Mexico and other countries in Latin America].

Here it is from El Rushbo: immediate and full amnesty for all illegals, just come forward, no questions asked, with the single proviso: these same folks CANNOT vote for a period of 25 years…

Listen to the total silence…yeah, that’s what ESH thought. Now we know why the left and the Dems want those same 11 or 12 million illegals here…for Santa Claus government goodies. More takers taking from the Makers.

Here’s a tune for the outreach so widely touted since Wednesday this week as advice to conservatives, the Tea Party and the GOP:  Feliz Navidad!



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