Circus cast widening; Petraeus scandal tied to Benghazi terrorists…

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The circus act known as the Petraeus scnadal continues to widen. Now involved are Petraeus’ Afghani war replacement Genl John R  Allen and an unnamed FBI agent who, during his involvement with the threatening emails to Paula Broadwell’s chick rival Jill Kelley, started sending the latter shirtless photos of himself.

Whew! You really need a program guide to keep up with this soap opera made for an election. Oh wait, the Regime sat on all this, along with Benghazi factoids until AFTER the election, including the likely blackmailing of Petraeus to force his resignation 2 days after the election.


And the usually attack-prone drive by state run media is FINALLY getting curious about all these matters since it involves steamy sex…and the military. Only 6 months or more after the fact.

And 4 dead Americans in Benghazi. The Kenyan kommie lied, Americans died.


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