Lincoln Bishop: Nyet to diktat of the Kenyan kommie…

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New Lincoln, NE bishop has given yet another resounding “nyet” to the Kenyan kommie’s illicit HHS diktat of mandatory payment and dispensing of abortifacient drugs and devices, and sterilizations.

It’s in your face stuff. Fortitude. One of the side gifts of the Holy Ghost every Catholic receives with the sacrament of Confirmation (or Chrismation). Only this one is the testicular kind usually found wanting in American bishops when it comes to standing up to the Dems, the left and the PC world of liberalism.

Too bad the USCCB wasn’t as strong during the election season, maybe because so many of the bishops are open or discreet Dems, pushing the faux “social justice” blarney of the Kenyan kiddie killer Soetoro. Given 50% of Catholics voted for the abortoholic prez, the bishops did a poor job in catechizing the faithful on the life issues and what is at stake with the diktat and state run rationing-abortion-murder-euthanasia of Obamacare.

The real war on women comes from those seeking to ram highly potent steroids down female throats and calling it “wonderful”. And then having the Catholic schlubs, and anyone else opposing it, painted as “anti woman”.  Clever those lefties.


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