Sniff, sniff…is it fraud?

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To the casual observer, nothing unusual may have happened last Tuesday when the Kenyan kiddie killer, Soetoro, was “re-elected” for a second term as president of the US.

The drive by media, per usual, was MIA and totally non-curious about reports of voter fraud in a number of traditionally known centers of mendacity and deceit i.e. Philadelphia and Cleveland, blue on blue, as blue as they can be in two pivotal, tipping states, PA and OH, respectively. Jack Cashill calls it disgust.

In Philadelphia, Soetoro received 100% of the vote in 59 voting districts. In Cleveland, he did even better, receiving 100% of the vote in over 100 voting precincts.Despots and totalitarian regimes such as in China, North Korea, Venezuela and Saddam’s Iraq never had such sway.

ESH complains: Is it any wonder a good number of the electorate, especially the young, sit at home on election day, figuring their vote doesn’t matter any way?


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