Sodomite “marriage” means more surrogacy antics…

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With 3 of 4 voting states approving some version of so-called “marriage” for those who engage in sodomy, this also will mean more activity for this perverse life style requiring more recruits and new adherants to satisfy the debased lusts of its practitioners.

Expect more sodomite-friendly “surrogacy” clinics as its own adherants report. With this comes all the usual psychological problems for both the sodomites and the babies, infants and pre teens scared for life with the perverse nature of violating the laws of nature.


So while Maine, Maryland and Washington state sodomites can lick their chops for more babies to satisfy their cravings, Minnesota innocent embryos are spared for the time being. Recall also, 31 other states plus now Minnesota have adamantly rejected sodomite “marriage” and affirmed marriage is between one man and one woman, and that has for over 6000 years made for stable families and civilizations.



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