Godfather likens Kenya kiddie killer to Lincoln…

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The Godfather Gangster of Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, likened the Kenyan kiddie killer, Soetoro, a/k/a O’Bama to the great 16th president of the US, Abraham Lincoln.

Two people could be no further apart than the great Emancipator and the great Pretender to the Throne.


On one hand, Lincoln worked from a Christian core of principles, seeking to implement the essentials of the US Constitution, as written by the white European founding fathers.


On  the other hand, the Kenyan kiddie killer is the most extremist abortoholic president ever, and has actively worked to make sure millions of innocent preborn US citizens are murdered by chemicals, surgery and mechanically, and as many as possible, regardless of biological stage of development or place of residence, even those just about to be born. He did so voting many times as an Illinois legislator and as a US senator for partial birth abortion and other assorted pro-abortion legislation.

Lincoln, applying his Christian upbringing, tried to assist all human beings, even those considered the equivalent of 3/5ths of a white male. Soetoro wants all preborns murdered, threatened in a sense like Herod was, who ordered the slaughter of all innocent males under the age of 2 when he felt threatened by the New King of Israel and the Universe, Jesus Christ, the truly Annointed One, the Chosen One.



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