War on Christmas: Part II…

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In the latest twist of the War on Christmas, seems the bad guys have had a set back after apparently thinking they had a victory.

Faith groups to set up “Live Nativity” in Palisades Park after the City of Santa Monica and a federal judge banned Nativity Displays that had been in the park for 59 consecutive years.

Photo (right): The Live Nativity Display in front of the Supreme Court from a past project

The group discovered the decision of the city and federal court decision only applied to “unattended” Nativity Displays in Palisades Park. However “attended” displays are permissible.

This is a major victory for religious freedom, the First Amendment and the public display of Nativity Scenes.

Lefties and secularists expressed fits of envy and rage upon hearing of this decision, and a number of crania were reported to have exploded.

ESH is awaiting confirmation.


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