Pharmacist conscience rights under attack…

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National Review Online reports that pharmacist rights of conscience are (again) increasingly under attack around the US. The report focuses on the illegal efforts of WA governor Gregoire, PP and other abortoholics to impose their immorality and unethical standards upon pharmacists of conscience.

The courts have sided with teh pharmacists at Storman’s Pharmacy et al thus far, and indications are they could follow several pro-conscience and pro-pharmacist decisions, such as the victorious group of pharmacists who prevailed in IL recently against the diktat on then-Gov. “Slobodan” Blagojevich, who also is now imprisoned for behavior of seeking remuneration to fill the Senate seat vacated when the Kenyan kommie, also residing in IL, took over as the Regime in 2008.

It appears Gregoire and her allies at PP are likely to lose (again) in the courts since they specifically targeted religiously motivated pharmacists and ignored secular stocking decisions of other pharmacies, including religious hospitals who also declined to dispense the abortifacient so-called “morning after” pill.

ESH finds comfort that the Klan Parenthood and abortoholics in lefty-land of WA state are about to lose like the Squeelers playing the Chargers last night. Or the Chiefs at the hands of the renewed and rising good guys, the Browns.


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