PP challenges web cam abortion controls…

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Klan Parenthood is challenging a WI law limiting the extent of “web cam” abortions by a “doctor” who does not personally examine a woman seeking chemical abortion.

The procedure uses mifepristone sometimes called by its antiquated name “RU 486”.

PP typically comes out against any limits on its profit making schemes which harm the health of women and kill preborns via any means possible.

PP bragged for 2010, the most recent report it has made public, that besides >300,000 surgical abortions, it also assisted in dispensing abortifacients like ella (chemical cousin of mifepristone) and Plan B to the tune of about 1.5 million extra tiny lives snuffed out.

PP is the largest domestic terrorist organization, unanimously designated as such by anyone defending the right to life of all humans, no matter what stage of development or place of residence. PP will enjoy windfall profits under the forced diktat of mandatory abortifacients, so-called “contraceptives” and sterilizations under the impending Obamacare fiasco.


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