Court: Regime can force diktat on Hobby Lobby, two other cases move forward…

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An appeals court has ruled that the Regime can force Hobby Lobby to pay for abortifacients, so-called “contraceptives” and sterilizations, for the time being, pending further appeals.

A separate court has ruled two other lawsuits against the HHS diktat can move forward again, reversing lower court errors. Hobby Lobby is operated by a Protestant family.

Earlier this week, a different federal appeals court reinstated two of the top legal challenges to the mandate. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals handed Wheaton College and Belmont Abbey College a major victory in their challenges to the HHS mandate. Previously, two lower courts had dismissed their lawsuits as premature because the Regime of the Kenyan kommie is expected to revise the mandate next year. However, the appellate court reinstated those cases.

Soetoro continues his war against religion by this continued harrassment of people who only wish to NOT violate their sincerely held relgious and moral beliefs.


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