Tebow-Christian haters come out for Christmas…

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Seems the NYC-centered Christian haters and bigots could not wait until after one of the holiest days on the calendar, engaging in written and verbal tirades against soon-to-be ex-NY Jets QB Tim Tebow.

It started with anti-Christian Jewish writer Peter Schwartz who tag teamed with ESPN employee ex-Squeeler Merrilll Hoge (who names their kid after a drug company anyway?). Both went on to say what a loser and phoney Tebow is.

Truth is, Tebow has stayed above the fray in that God-foresaken city on the East Coast after dragging the Denver Broncos with him last fall to the NFL playoffs, and then punking Hoge’s Squeelers in the nose in OT with a dazzling running and throwing performance, capped off with a TD to Demetrius Thomas in OT on a shallow crossing route.

He has said nothing or shown nothing publicly that was negative to the Jets or his moron of a coach, Rex Ryan, who likely will be fired soon by the prez of baby killer J&J Pharma, Woody Johnson

Seems the talentless at ESPN and NY print media just don’t know talent when they see it. Winning deniers both of them. Good for Tebow. I hope he enjoys his new digs back home in Jacksonville. NYC is a hell hole garbage heap anyway where you can’t buy a 20 oz pop.


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