Accountability: Keeping up the heat on the drive by media…

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Seems the cowardly weasels at the Journal News in Westchester Cty, NY got a taste of their own medicine this Christmas. That is, after editor Cyndee Royle Lambert decided to out the names and addresses of legal gun owners in her “paper’s” area. The excuse was the Sandy Hook murders of 20 innocent children, not unlike the 4,000 daily murders by “choice”.

Cyndee Royle

This of course, outraged the objects of drive by media intimidation, who were only doing the work of the Regime, that of the great Unifier.

They forget the 2nd Amendment is in the Constitution and follows their much vaunted 1st Amendment. It’s in there, CynDee and Co. Just take some time to read it.

While what Cyndee did was technically legal, it was highly imprudent and immoral. Unethical, in the parlance of the lib moral relativists.

So, some enterprising folks are going to do turn around is fair play and publish the names, addresses and other demographics of Journal-News folks. CynDee and others quickly took down their Facebook and Twitter accounts, feeling the warm fuzzy moments of sharing at odd hours of the day, according to one sharer.


One thought on “Accountability: Keeping up the heat on the drive by media…

    […] Score another for the dipsticks at the Journal-News who have taken to hiring armed guards, following the anger of thousands of New York area residents who, by the foolish work of the J-N, become targets for such break ins when not home. […]

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