Tebow speaks out…never shirked any work…a REAL man of character…

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The QB with character par excellence, Tim Tebow, spoke out late yesterday after many weeks of silence over the raging tempest in the American armpit known as NYC.

Tim Tebow said that he never asked out of running Wildcat plays last week, but the Jets’ backup quarterback acknowledges that Rex Ryan may have misunderstood him.

Tebow said on Wednesday that he told Ryan last Tuesday that he was “definitely disappointed” he wasn’t going to be the starting quarterback in place of the benched Mark Sanchez, and added that he told the coach he wanted to play “regular quarterback.”

Tebow has been the butt of an anti-Christian hate campaign by the leftist sports drive by media–as reported by ESH yesterday– led most recently by Jewish writer Peter Schwartz and washed up ex-Squeelers has been, Merrill Hoge, who appears to have been named after a defunct drug company.

ESH says lucky for Tebow, it appears abortion chemicals Big Daddy Woody Johnson, of J&J fame, will be shipping Tim to his hometown of Jacksonville, where he has always been warmly received and welcome, unlike the usual hate, bigotry and elitists snobbery of NYC.


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