Three teams?

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ESH thought he had addressed this pet peave previously. Maybe the sub-100 IQ folks were not paying attention.

Ray Stein, a sports editor for the Columbus Dispatch, included some soothing words for a Cincinnati Bengals fan who was upset that her team’s game against the Baltimore Ratbirds was not carried on the local CBS affiliate today but that the Browns-Squeelers game was being carried.

ESH had an easy reply for the distressed lass:

“…[Ray] even if you admit of [Pittsburgh] Squeeler [will the Dispatch print my version of the team name?] fans among the elect. At the border, we are told this is the state of Ohio. We have two NFL teams here. People are free to choose their team.

Those who want to cheer for a team from Western PA are free to move there, thus freeing up needed jobs for people who are loyal residents of the Buckeye State. Being a Squeelers fan in the State of Ohio is akin to being a Wolverines fan living in Ohio. Both are Evil Empires and a blasphemy worthy of banishment.

Expect more of this today, Rapesburger!

“Please don’t complicate a simple task. No extra charge, by the way!…”



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