Boehner histoire?

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Let’s hope with the cave in by House speaker John Boehner he is histoire as the Speaker of the House.

Enough of the capitulating RINOs. The Kenyan kommie gloated over getting the GOP to sign on to tax increases while getting nothing for their betrayal.

The Judasizers need not apply. They already know the kommie will always politicize the moment and throw them under the bus. Don’t give him anything!

Word is there is a coup about to happen and Eric Kantor of VA may likely be the next Speaker. Will he stay the course if so elected by his conference? ESH sure hope so but isn’t betting the pharm on ANY politician.

More bad news: all the Obamacare taxes stay in and so do estate and escalated capital gains taxes. The bill was chock stuffed full of pork. Weasels!


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