Soetoro suckers: Workers making $30K to get hit harder than those making $500K…

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Suckers who voted to re-elect a suspect legal US citizen, Barrie Soetoro, the Kenyan kommie, will soon find many of the things THEY like or do will soon be taxed and taxed at rates they thought were going to hit the fictitious “rich”.

It appears jokers making $30K will be hit harder on  the new “fiscal cliff” tax bill than those, say, making $500K annually.

Oops! His bad! Same for Dingy Harry.

Nearly 80 percent of households will pay more money to the federal government as a result of the fiscal cliff deal

Guess they can thank Barrie for more taxes including higher medical insurance premiums and contributions, an extra 3.8% tax on any earnings and interest they make on their meager 401k’s and sale of their devalued homes. Or medical and surgical supplies. Good to know Barrie was able to sign the bill by autopen (a teleprompter certainly cannot be asked to do even more) so he could spend $3 million of the taxpayers’ money to jet back to Oahu with Moo-chelle, the kids, some surf and golf.



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