TSA goes after critics, enemies…

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The TSA is going after critics and its enemies once again. It was reported that earlier today long time TSA critic and radio talk show host Alex Jones was harrassed and detained at Austin-Bergstrom airport in TX.

One office repeatedly threatened to arrest Jones and continued an “in your face” screaming match with the well known radio host of Infowars.com and long time critic of the TSA.

Traveling to New York to appear on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, Jones had already showed his ID as he approached the metal detector. Jones and colleague Rob Dew noticed that a large number of people across all age ranges were not removing their shoes as they walked through the metal detector. The x-ray body scanners were not in use.

As soon as he approached security, Jones was addressed by a TSA screener who said, “Hello Mr. Jones,” indicating that she knew who he was, and immediately ordered him to remove his shoes.

When Jones refused, citing the fact that innumerable other people had not removed their shoes, the TSA screener claimed that only under 12s and over 75s were not mandated to remove footwear under TSA policy.

When Jones contested the point, arguing that numerous travelers in their 40s had not removed their shoes, other TSA agents ordered him to take off his shoes, before Jones was approached by a police officer who immediately got in his face and started threatening him with arrest. Jones alleges a previous deja vu of this incident ended with him contracting athlete’s foot from the contaminated airport floor by the screening area.

Jones has threatened a discrimination suit against the TSA, despite their releasing him without arrest shortly after the altercation with multiple TSA agents, unionized workers of the US federal government.


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