More firms challenge, win appeals against Diktat…

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More and more Catholic and Protestant firms are standing up to the diktat of the Regime. And they are winning various appeals and restraining orders against the abortoholic Kenyan kommie and his lackey in the HHS,  Kathleen Sebelius.

Latest winners are prominent Catholic businessman Tom Monaghan, founder and chairman of Domino’s Pizza, as well as 3 businesses in the state of Missouri.

Included in the diktat are mandatory coverage (with no copay to the patient) of abortifacients, so-called “contraceptives” many of which are also abortifacient, and sterilizations. Grandma can’t have a hip or knee replacement thanks to the Death Panels of non-medical bureaucrats, but she can have her choice of a red pill, a blue pill or any size floe off the sunny shores of Barrow, AK.

ESH hopes little  by little, even with a compromised judiciary that is hell bent on delivering socialized medicine to the Kenyan kommie, these victories may spark a conflagration against the government takeover of health care as we know it in the USA.


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