Piers Morgan, gun controllers promote violence and death for 2nd amendment defenders…

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Seems the gun control left in the drive by state run media is who we thought they were. Like their fellow lefties, Hitler and Stalin for example, they would confiscate all law abiding citizen guns, but they have no qualms having a defender of the 2nd Amendment like Alex Jones shot, threatened to be shot, and to have his family and people like them shot.

Here’s the some of the feed after Piers Morgan, Brit who should leave the USA, had his guests yukking it up a day after he invited Jones to his show, taped two segments and then bailed on the third segment when it wasn’t going his way.

Twitter threats against NRA president and supporters

ESH is shocked and surprised to find how violence-prone these left wing nutjobs are so soon after the violent shootings at Sandy Hook and Colorado.

Seems the peace dove has the talons of a hawk.


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