Bayer has 1st new IUD in 12 yrs, still abortifacient…

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Despite some wishy-washy denials by giant German pharma conglomerate Bayer, its new IUD launched this week in the US has an abortifacient mechanism of action as its primary method of controlling the population of the unfit, as seen by the elitists on the left.

Called Skyla, the progesterone-laced plastic IUD has all the same characteristics of previous market failed IUDs like ParaGard and Mirena, as well as those that caused IUDs to be pulled from the US markets for decades (e.g. Dalkon) due to the staggering lawsuits Big Pharma ended up paying out for damage done to the cervices and uteri of mom users.

The left leaning Dem-fundraising Trial Lawyers Association will no doubt, be eager to chase some new ambulances of women damaged by the Regime’s and Pharma’s War on Women.

It’s true the Regime has amped up its propaganda machine in the “science” community to downplay the abortifacient effects of IUDs but any intellectually honest scientist will admit IUDs seldom prevent fertilization but often will prevent implantation of a blastocyst–an early human baby–in the uterus.

Babies born with IUDs stuck in their little bodies have shown how even the abortifacient effect will sometimes be overcome by the force of nature to propagate the species.




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