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Seems a number of websites both international and US-based are promoting the sales of various abortifacient drugs and devices. The FDA has taken note and various pharmacy regulators are warning the public to stay away.

Big Pharma is not happy. The sites, according to one news outlet, are promoting the high dosed steroids and devices without prescription, examination and sometimes as “over the counter”. These include patches, the Pill and IUDs, as well as links to Youtube videos on inserting the abortifacient devices.

Websites should not sell or advertise items which are fake and in a manner contrary to law. While the FDA is at it, if they were truly worried about female users’ health, they would take the fakes AND the real things off the market. The real items, as we know, are often abortifacient and cause serious health risks to women including strokes and death.

ESH wonders if the Regime will make the fake item websites pay “their fair share” as an Obamacare death drug tax?


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