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Axios…the Greek word used by the Eastern Rites of the Catholic Church to denote that someone “is worthy”, as during an episcopal consecration of a eparch (bishop) or archeparch (archbishop).

Certainly one man in the Roman Rite church is axios of consideration for the canonization process leading to verified and certified sainthood. It is not a recently deceased pope associated with the Vatican II Council, either as pope or as an attendant or a peritus.

Portrait of Msg Lefebvre in the 1960s[1]

Rather he is a man of piety, humility, forebearance of calumny hurled against him the past 40+ years by those opposed to Tradition or just plain professional jealosy. He was the quintessential defender of the Mass of All Times, codified by another saint, Pope St Pius V in 1570 in the papal bull, Quo Primum, following the great Ecumenical Council known as Trent.

Either way, that quiet, reserved and saintly example for the laity and Mother Church would be the late Archbishop Marcel LeFebvre.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming movie (above) that will bring some balance to the campaign of vituperation of the man among puerile boys, so hated by freemasons, modernists and liberals alike.


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