Bro bowl…

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The last thing ESH needed was a Bro Bowl, brother vs brother, in the Super Bowl on Feb 3.

One Harbaugh has an a**hole personality, but has been highly successful as a coach, resurrecting Standford’s doldrum football program (cf. Luck) and in two seasons has the 49ers with only 7 losses after a long stretch of bad football.

The other brother can be an a**hole too, but his bigger sin is being associated with the Ratbirds and all the negativity that encapsulates including the late Art Modell stewing in the flames of Hades. The win gave national stage and lots of drama and theatre to the acquitted murderer, Ray Lewis, who it is claimed will be in the HOF soon in Canton.

That should put him in the company of fellow murderer OJ Simpson. Too bad only highly aggregious infractions bar one from the HOF such as gambling in the case of Pete Rose. One can easily see why gambling, which no other professional athletes EVER engage in [dripping with sarcasm] is much more serious than killing other human beings.

ESH predicts it will be Bro Jim and his 49ers only because the other team is the Browns, er, Ratbirds.


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