Don’t walk it back Lefty!

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Phil Mickelson (aka Lefty) has been a classic figure in the world of professional golf, as any amateur of the sport can attest to.

His comments recently decrying the increased taxes by the state of CA, where he grew up and where he claims residency, as well as recent tax increases imposed by the Regime of the Kenyan kommie with the assistance of a spineless Congress, did not go unnoticed. The left pounced on Lefty and soon he was making a hostage film apologizing for his crimes against the Regime.

Don’t do it Lefty!

You were right the first time. It is criminal because you have honed your skills and there are those willing to pay for your talent, so much that your known taxes are about 62-63% of your gross income. No one should have to pay such usurious rates to ANY government. Especially when voluntarily paid for their in-demand services. It’s your money Phil, you EARNED it the old fashioned way with hard work, grit and determination. And in the process you create many jobs, directly and indirectly, and contribute a magnified amount to the overall economy.

Not to mention encouraging those of us in the hacker world trying to copycat that patented flop shot when stuck in a greenside bunker with only minimal chance of making the green with a similar shot.


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