Oops, that wasn’t a government program…

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The NAALCP…the national association for the advancement of LIBERAL colored people, is being sued. Seems they allegedly stiffed the Four Seasons hotel in Houston, TX for a neat $100,000 tab. Living like the 1 percenters who can afford such luxury, whether for a meeting or for a vacay.

Recall they ginned up the crowds and the nation over the Travon Martin shooting which has come back to bite them, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all their ilk, right in the rear.

The lawsuit claims that the NAACP owes the Four Seasons $99,597 for various unpaid charges from July to November for an event held at the downtown hotel, according to a petition filed in Harris County District Court on Jan. 16

Maybe the leadership of this mostly intolerant hate group thought the Four Seasons was like a free government program, handouts and all.


ESH sez “Pay up, bro, ’cause dey be suing yo’ a$$!”



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