Give ’em the boot…

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The State of North Dakota, one of the fastest growing states thanks to a renewed oil industry, has given Klan Parenthood the boot. No more dineros for you, forever, for your sick sex program.

PP is the largest domestic terrorist group, founded by racist and eugenicist Margaret Sanger, a fallen away Catholic. They recently bragged in an annual report of exterminating over 330,000 preborn babies and collecting nearly $400 million in taxpayer money doing it. They also claim to dispense over 1.5 million chemical abortions via Plan B, ella, mifepristone and other abortifacients.

Interestingly, while there are no Planned Parenthood patient facilities inside the border of North Dakota, Planned Parenthood says it maintains an administrative and educational office in Fargo, North Dakota. It also has a so-called “health center” in Moorhead, Minnesota, which adjoins Fargo.

It obviously has been pushing to force its abortion and anything-goes sex agenda in the state of North Dakota since at least 2004, when Planned Parenthood of Minnesota and South Dakota changed its name to include North Dakota.

ESH says kudos to ND and its pro-life rep Betty Grande for standing up to the Klan and protecting children from the psychological and physical violence of PP and its friends in the culture of death.



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